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Automated Roller Blinds

Automation is increasingly finding its way into many spheres of modern-day life and the window treatments industry has not been left out of the automation craze either. This is why automated roller blinds are making huge ripples in the world of window treatments. If the thought of automated window treatments has not crossed your mind, here are a few reasons why they are worth a second thought now that you are planning to invest in residential roller blinds.

No Cord-Related Trouble

One of the main reasons that roller blind manufacturers are embracing automation is that it has the potential to make their products much safer to use. The PVC or aluminium chord that is a constant fixture in traditional-style roller blinds might be important for the operation of the blinds, but the chord can be a dangerous item. This is especially true if you have young children who might turn the chord into one of their playthings. Apart from damaging the chord, young children can also get strangulated as they play with the chord in your absence.

With automated roller blinds, there is no chord to worry about and your blinds will therefore not be as attractive to young ones looking for a way to infuse some excitement into their playtime.

Enhanced Security

Another reason you should give automated roller blinds a second thought is that they have the capacity to enhance residential security when you are away from home. Because automated roller blinds can be timed to open and close, they can easily create the picture that your house is occupied when you are away from home. This can be a great deterrent for burglars who often like to target unoccupied residences when the homeowners are away on vacation or for the weekend.

The self-timing feature is not an available option with traditional-style roller blinds and this is, therefore, a significant advantage.

A More Valuable Home

There is no doubt about the fact that the installation of roller blinds increases the value of a residential property. With this in mind, the installation of automated roller blinds is bound to increase the value of your home much more because automated roller blinds are more functional and more expensive than traditional-style blinds.

The more expensive the fixtures in your home, the higher the value of your property. Think about it now that you are looking for roller blinds for your residential windows.

For more information, reach out to a roller blind supplier.