Interior Design Ideas

Two Interior Design Ideas for Those With Homes That Have Low Ceilings

If your home's ceilings are unusually low, you might want to try out the following interior design ideas.

Use vertical blinds on your windows

When choosing window dressings for a property like this, it is best to pick vertical blinds, as these will make the windows (and by extension, the walls around them) seem longer than they really are. This is because when you look at a window with these type of vertically-hung blinds, your eye is drawn up and down, rather than side to side (as would be the case if you had horizontal blinds). This optical illusion of longer-looking windows and walls will help to counteract the confined feeling that your low ceilings might evoke, which will then give each room a less cramped look.

When choosing your vertical blinds, you must ensure that their pattern and colour are both right for your home and its low ceilings. For instance, if you love striped patterns, you should choose blinds with vertical stripes, rather than horizontal ones (as the latter might negate some of the lengthening effects that these blinds provide). Likewise, when deciding what colour you want the blinds to be, you should try to pick ones that are similar to the colour of your ceilings; by ensuring that there is no contrast between these two areas, you can enhance the optical illusion of longness that you're trying to create. This will give the rooms that sense of airiness that they're lacking, due to the ceiling height. Talk to a window treatment service about your options for vertical blinds.

Consider investing in recessed lighting

In this situation, you should consider removing all of your ceiling light fixtures that hang down and replacing them with recessed lighting. The reason for this is as follows; when you have low ceilings, anyone in your home who is fairly tall may end up regularly bumping into (or having to duck to avoid hitting) the light fixtures that hang from these ceilings. This is more than just an annoyance; each time this happens to a person in the property, it will serve as a visceral reminder of how stout each room is and will contribute to the claustrophobic feeling that being in a place like this induces.

However, if you remove these hanging light fixtures and replace them with recessed lights that are flush with the ceiling, you will not only spare your taller family members a few headaches and bruises but will also eliminate this item that constantly showcases how low the ceilings really are.