Interior Design Ideas

Three Ways to Create a Kitchen That Makes You Want to Cook

Home cooking is a fulfilling way to spend your time, but it can be difficult to motivate yourself—especially if you don't like your kitchen. Planning a full kitchen renovation is a great way to make your kitchen more appealing, and this article explains three things you should consider when designing a kitchen you want to cook in.

Figure out Your Barriers to Cooking

If you don't cook enough because of your kitchen, take some time to think about why. For example, is your oven too small to cook certain things? Is your hob not large enough, or is your fridge too small to hold all your fresh ingredients? Is there too little counter space or too much clutter? Maybe a shelf for your cookbooks would help inspire you, or more cupboard space would allow you to have more baking gadgets. This will give you a good idea of what you need to change during your kitchen renovation, whether the solution is a bigger oven but less cupboard space or some hidden storage to beat the clutter.

Think about the Styles You Love

Everyone has an interior design style that they love, and being in a space that makes you happy will make you want to spend time cooking in your kitchen. For example, you might love sleek, minimalist styles that make your space look clean and modern, and the lack of decoration and clutter may free up your mind for cooking. However, you might also like the farmhouse look, with warm wood and lots of worn cookbooks, and that might be what motivates you to cook. Flick through some interior design magazines, search online and find some looks that you like. Don't worry too much about what's on-trend or new, but choose something you really love.

Consider the Colour Scheme

The colour scheme really does contribute to the vibe of a room and can affect how you feel when you walk into it. House Beautiful suggests some paint colours that can make you feel happier, such as yellow, orange, green and pink, and it might be the case that painting your kitchen a happy, fun colour will make you want to cook in it. If you don't want to paint your whole kitchen a vibrant colour, consider bright tiles, artwork or even cabinet doors for a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral room. By choosing the right colours, you can make the whole room feel more appealing.

By thinking about why you don't cook, as well as thinking about interior design styles and colours that would make you happy, you can create a happy, calming space that motivates you to cook. Look for a kitchen renovation company in your area to discuss your options.