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How to Choose the Best Security Screens for Your Home

Security screens have become an integral part of any home. These screens can be installed on the doors and windows and are designed to enhance the security, aesthetic appeal, and value of a home.

Most homeowners prefer installing them because they come in various styles, and even though they are primarily meant to secure the house, they can also be customised to suit a person's taste and preferences. So, how do you choose the ideal security screens for your home? Below are the key factors you should consider.

Confirm if the security screen meets the standards

The first thing you should do before buying security screen doors or windows is to determine if the supplier uses quality screens. Ideally, the screens are supposed to meet the set Australian Standards to offer much-needed security. So, how do you verify this? Well, several tests should be done to assess the structural integrity and strength of the security doors.

This includes the dynamic impact test for checking the screen's sturdiness, knife shear to verify if anyone can cut the mesh, and pull test to ensure nobody can pull the screens out. Other tests include the probe test, anti-jemmy test, salt spray test, and shear test.

Check if the door offers excellent privacy

Another aspect you need to consider is privacy. The angle of the mesh and thickness should be designed appropriately so passers do not get a view of your home from a distance. However, those who are in the house should be able to have a clear outdoor view. This means that the door will be like a 2-way mirror that lets you look outdoors without being noticed while hindering strangers from seeing you

Determine if you'll get fresh air

One of the best ways to minimise your cooling expenses is to get a security screen door or window that allows fresh air to flow into your home continuously. So, ask your provider to do a test to confirm this before buying. What's more, the mesh should also keep insects and other bugs away, helping you enjoy fresh air without inviting the winged predators into your home.

Familiarise yourself with material costs

The amount you will pay to get your screens is also determined by the material you choose. Screens made of aluminium tend to be more affordable, but they cannot offer high-quality security like steel or stainless steel mesh. It will be easier to know the best material for your requirements if you have a budget.

For more information on security screen doors, talk to a supplier in your area.