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Advantages of Plantation Shutters for Your Home

If you're looking for beautiful and practical window coverings for your home, you could consider plantation shutters. Here are some of their advantages.

Light Control

Plantation shutters offer different ways for you to control the light entering a room. You can angle the louvres to deflect the light from shining in your eyes or on a computer screen while allowing daylight to brighten up the space. You can swing open hinged plantation shutters to reveal a panoramic view of your garden and create an open, airy feel. On the other hand, you can shut the louvres to create a cosy atmosphere where you feel protected from the outside. You can achieve many different effects with the coverings.


Plantation shutters are especially helpful if you live in a hot, humid climate. They have wide louvres which you can open to let the breeze flow through the house while blocking the sunlight. In this way, shutters are more effective than block out curtains, which don't allow refreshing breezes to flow inside.

Construction Options

Plantation shutters fit many shapes and styles of openings, ranging from bay windows to expansive glass patio doors. You can install shutters that cover the entire vertical length of a window. Otherwise, you can install a design where the top and bottom sections can be opened independently. Another possibility is cafe shutters which cover the bottom part of the window. These coverings let sunshine flow freely through the upper part of the window while preserving privacy. Some models have solid panels without louvres. Thus, you'll have plenty of options and designs when installing these window dressings in your home.


Plantation shutters are also practical, as they can be installed in many rooms of the house, including kitchens and bathrooms. They come in different materials, such as timber, aluminium and vinyl. In a bathroom or kitchen, you can fit vinyl blinds that won't rot and grow mouldy. Faux timber shutters models are embossed with a wood grain texture.

If you need to cover a wide area, you can choose a model with reinforcing material within the louvres. For example, some vinyl shutters have aluminium or MDF inside the louvres, so they won't sag. With all these different materials and shapes, you can install plantation shutters in all rooms of the house. They're also great for bedrooms, as you can shut them to block the light, and they won't let light stream around the sides or underneath.