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How To Get The Best Tasting Water At Your Home

Water is an exceptionally important component of everyone's diet, and many people are quite particular about how they drink it. If you are one of those people who are obsessed with getting their water just right, then there may be a few things you can do to ensure you get that perfect cup every time. Perhaps you are just someone who wants to enjoy water more and knows there is a better way to drink it. Whatever the case may be, here are a few different ways you can spruce up your water consumption habits and get the best water possible at home.

Home Water Filters

Water filters are so key to the taste of water that you simply must get some home water filters if you are serious about the taste of your water. Home water filters remove any trace elements of chemicals or rust that could come from old pipes and also protect you from any diseases or bacteria that may be present. This leads to a much cleaner-flavoured water that feels less 'old' than it would if it came straight from the main water line. Home water filters are easy to install, and you can choose one for a single tap or for your whole house, meaning there are different pricing options for those on a budget!

Soda Water 

Soda water is a phenomenon across much of Europe and America, but it has never really gained that level of public attention in Australia. Many people have never even tried soda water for one reason or another. Soda water adds no extra calories or sugar to the water but still gives it a fizz that many people find enticing once they have experienced it. It also allows you to diversify your water drinking habits with an extra outlet. Many people don't ever go back to traditional water after trying soda water, so be careful — it could become an expensive (albeit healthy) habit.

Boil Water Before Freezing It For Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are an essential component to many water drinking fanatics, but people often report their ice cubes tasting different to their regular water. This is strange because they all come from the same source (the tap). If you struggle with this problem, then a simple way to get rid of it is to boil the water before you begin to freeze it. This can add an extra level of filtration that gets rid of anything in the water. Boiled water also freezes quicker than room temperature water, which means this can speed up your overall time needed to get that perfect, icy-cold cup!