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Top Features to Look for When Buying Outdoor Blinds

If you ever needed a reason not to shut yourself indoors during the coming summer season, then think about getting outdoor blinds. Summer brings with it a beautiful climate that makes outdoor living worthwhile, but since you need to spend some time indoors, that doesn't mean you should shut yourself in. Outdoor blinds are exactly what you need since they make outdoor living spaces as comfortable as possible. However, if you want to get the best from outdoor blinds, then you need to approach the available choices with care. This article looks at the critical features you must look for in high-quality outdoor blinds.

See-Through Blinds

If you think about the functions of an outdoor blind, then you will find the term outdoor blind to be an oxymoron. However, see-through blinds are exactly what you should go for when you are buying outdoor curtains. The reason is that outdoor blinds should not just protect you from the elements. For example, the screens should not obstruct your view of the landscape. Most homeowners prioritise protection and ignore the view, and they realise their mistake when it is already too late. By buying a see-through outdoor blind, you can still enjoy the outdoor view while getting protection from the winds or sunlight.

Spring-Loaded Pulley System

When looking for outdoor blinds, you will come across manual as well as motorised designs. The latter option is quite expensive, but motorised blinds are the best, especially if there are children around, since the blinds are easy to operate. However, if you are on a budget, then you cannot go wrong with manual outdoor blinds. These require a little effort to operate via a rope or chain, and while smaller designs can be easily pushed or pulled, larger models can be cumbersome. For this reason, ensure your blinds are equipped with a spring-loaded pulley system. The spring helps to take the load of the blinds away from your elbows, thus making the blinds glide easily on the tracks.

Waterproof Fabric

As mentioned earlier, outdoor blinds are designed to protect your outdoor living space from direct sunlight, debris, strong winds, and rainfall. The last element can be particularly destructive to your blinds because water can lead to premature deterioration. Therefore, it is essential to buy outdoor blinds whose fabric is coated with waterproofing material. This feature ensures that rainwater or moisture doesn't soak into the fabric and destroy your blinds.