How to Choose the Best Security Screens for Your Home

Security screens have become an integral part of any home. These screens can be installed on the doors and windows and are designed to enhance the security, aesthetic appeal, and value of a home. Most homeowners prefer installing them because they come in various styles, and even though they are primarily meant to secure the house, they can also be customised to suit a person's taste and preferences. So, how do you choose the ideal security screens for your home? [Read More]

3 Reasons to Get Luxaflex Blinds for Your Windows

One of the primary things you need to do when you move to a house is to get the appropriate treatment for your windows. The option you pick will have an impact on your home's comfortability and decor. One of the window coverings you can consider is blinds. Initially, people thought that blinds were suitable for commercial spaces while curtains are meant for homes. This isn't the case today. Blinds come in different designs and materials, but there is one form that stands out: luxaflex blinds. [Read More]

Two Interior Design Ideas for Those With Homes That Have Low Ceilings

If your home's ceilings are unusually low, you might want to try out the following interior design ideas. Use vertical blinds on your windows When choosing window dressings for a property like this, it is best to pick vertical blinds, as these will make the windows (and by extension, the walls around them) seem longer than they really are. This is because when you look at a window with these type of vertically-hung blinds, your eye is drawn up and down, rather than side to side (as would be the case if you had horizontal blinds). [Read More]

Automated Roller Blinds

Automation is increasingly finding its way into many spheres of modern-day life and the window treatments industry has not been left out of the automation craze either. This is why automated roller blinds are making huge ripples in the world of window treatments. If the thought of automated window treatments has not crossed your mind, here are a few reasons why they are worth a second thought now that you are planning to invest in residential roller blinds. [Read More]